About Us

BLUE STAR RUBBER PRODUCTS is a proprietorship company located in Hyderabad, and manufactures the bluthane™ brand of specialty polyurethane products, as finished goods, intermediate and raw material, for the Automotive, Textile, Engineering, Chemical, Telecommunication, Graphic arts, Printing ink, Paint industries, covering a variety of high performance applications

BLUE STAR RUBBER PRODUCTS was established in 1996 and produces bluthane™ specialty polyurethane products covering,

Polyurethanes represent the core product line and play an important role in the growth of the company. Polyurethanes are fascinating materials, are products of judicious amalgamation of organic chemistry and polymerization technology.

With a small beginning of extruded TPU flexible tubes, the company gained rich experience in processing TPU, the versatile polymer. Sustained efforts strengthened the product portfolio with active R&D and understanding customer’s needs.

The product portfolio of TPU films, colour masterbatches , PU dispersions and PU Resins represent the successful connection between chemistry and innovation. Among our clients you can find MapleLeafOnlineCasino company.


Capability, Capacity and Commitment are the core principles on which the company develops its strategies. Energy efficient process and Eco-friendly products are the major areas of concern for sustainable growth.

Developing niche products using’ Green’ chemistry and technology based on active R&D and partnering with customers on a one-on-one basis, would be the main driving force for the future business.


Polyurethane would continue to be the core field of business for the company and all efforts would be focused towards developing and tailoring many useful products with renewable alternatives to conventional materials, process and technology.