bluthane™ TPU Film

bluthane™ TPU films made from virgin granules and functional additives, are high performance products possessing excellent flexibility and toughness, many other mechanical, thermal properties and chemical properties. TPU films offer exceptional benefits such as rubber like flexibility and rigidity as plastics.

bluthane™ MB

bluthane™ MB masterbatches are colour concentrates made by dispersion of pigments and additives using TPU as the resin matrix. They are used to produce coloured TPU products by conventional thermoplastic processing methods. bluthane™ MB is easy to handle and use, unlike the dry pigments which are messy and pose safety hazards.

bluthane™ PU-R

bluthane™ PU-R resins are solutions of medium to high molecular weight polyurethane or polyurethane –polyurea with or without terminal reactive groups. bluthane™ PU-R resins can be crosslinked with polyisocyanates for 2-K coatings and adhesive applications.

bluthane™ PU-R resins when formulated as coatings provide a

bluthane™ PUD

bluthane™ PUDs are fine aqueous dispersions of high molecular weight polyurethane – polyurea particles using internal emulsifier chemistry and are designed to meet a variety of applications in the coatings and adhesive industry.

bluthane™ PUDs are carefully formulated and have very low VOC