bluthane™ MB

bluthane™ MB masterbatches are colour concentrates made by dispersion of pigments and additives using TPU as the resin matrix. They are used to produce coloured TPU products by conventional thermoplastic processing methods.

bluthane™ MB is easy to handle and use, unlike the dry pigments which are messy and pose safety hazards.

Applications of bluthane™ MB

  • Injection molding of coloured TPU industrial parts
  • Extrusion of cable jackets
  • extrusion melt coating of fabrics and many other TPU coloured products


What is bluthane™ MB?

bluthane™ MB is a concentrated form of coloured pigments in the form of solid pellets. The pigments are dispersed evenly into the TPU resin by kneading & compounding.

Why a bluthane™ MB?

A colourant in the form of a solid masterbatch with a polymer resin carrier or matrix is a polymer masterbatch. bluthane™ MB has TPU as the carrier resin and offers excellent compatibility when used along with PU resins/compounds during the production of coloured TPU articles. It is the best and safer alternative to using dry pigments. A non-TPU masterbatch for e.g., LDPE/ PP/VINYL/EVA affect the physical properties of the product as it lacks compatibility.

How to use bluthane™ MB?

bluthane™ MB can be dry blended with the virgin TPU resin in a high speed mixer or can be dosed gravimetrically or can be compounded in to the resin. The above blends can be processed by conventional process such as, extrusion, injection molding and blow molding.